Sample Projects

Led the development of the Municipal Innovation Exchange, a $1M multi-city initiative with the Cities of Guelph, Barrie and London focused on implementing and deploying tools for municipalities to leverage procurement as a tool for innovation.

Acting as the lead for the City of Guelph’s work I ran their Civic Accelerator and helped scope out different projects, borrowing tools from user research, product management, privacy by design, and identifying key specifications. 

Roads Challenge - more data for better roads?  

Pushed existing AI technology to identify additional road defects that could provide avenues for preventative maintenance and extend the lifecycle of roads. Worked with front-line road inspectors to collect data to train AI, had honest discussions about automation and navigated privacy concerns with data governance protocols.


Paramedics Pilot - can we give paramedics better tools?

In the healthcare world, prior to administering medications, you perform an independent double-check, where someone else verifies medication and dosage before it is administered. It works great in clinics and ERs, but it is not ideal with the realities of paramedics. In my role, I conducted interviews with paramedics, privacy experts, and scoped out a pilot project for a voice-activated secure AI (not reliant on cloud or recording). Worked with Communitech to find a company able to do this at no cost to the City with the promise of a larger market available if successful.


Communications Challenge - why can’t we reach all our staff?

When you hit reply “allstaff” you get a fraction of your workforce in cities; for a good reason, most staff aren’t behind desks. So how do you reach them? Conducted interviews with frontline staff including the “firefighters of the mechanics’ world” to better understand the need and potential of a solution.

JUN 2018 - MAR 2020

JUN 2017 - NOV 2017

Was hired by Open North to be the Project Manager responsible for the development of the City of Toronto’s Open Data Strategy and Implementation Plan. Read the final report.

MAR 2018 - JUN 2018

Worked with Employment and Social Development Canada to promote Service Design methodology and developed transition advice for the incoming government. The advice was created with foresight methodology and qualitative research, looking specifically at how disruptive technology, changes in demographics, and larger trends will impact service delivery for the following decades. 

Designed a card game to help existing staff recognize how disruptive technology could be applied to existing organizational challenges today vs in 10 years.

SEPT 2017 - NOV 2016

Provided insights that contributed to the “Getting to Moonshot report on the innovative management and organizational practices of Canada’s social impact sector. For the report, I conducted interviews with leaders of innovation in the non-profit sector, including senior staff from the Canadian Red Cross and InWithForward, and developed a comprehensive social media strategy for its release.

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