Your prayers have been answered. Welcome to the podcast club in Guelph that you didn't know you needed. Subscribe to the mailing list to learn when the next meeting is happening! 

Don't worry if you don't have time to listen to all (or half) of the podcasts, the main goal is you explore the majestic podcast landscape, and I'll be there to facilitate our discussion.

This club was inspired by the wonderful Peeps in a Pod community in Toronto - the OG monthly podcasting club I didn't know I needed.


Meeting 2: Terms & Conditions

Join me on March 24 @ 2 pm, to chat about privacy and how little of it we have. RSVP here.


If and Then - Who Owns your DNA Data? (36 min)


Slate's Daily Feed - Aftermath of a Data Breach (34 min)


IRL Podcast -  I Spy with my Digital Eye (26 min)


Reply All - The Russian Passenger (39 min) *bonus listen: Reply All - Beware All (40 min)*


IRL Podcast -  Your Password is the Worst (27min)


TED Talk Daily - How we Need to Remake the Internet (14 min)


Reply All - The Snapchat Thief (70 min)


Total run time: 4 hours


Meeting 1: Resolutions

January 6 @ 2 pm, bring a snack - the diet can start tomorrow. ;)​

TED Radio Hour - Better You (48 min)

The Moth - Progress Not Perfection (22 min)


This American Life - 572: Transformers (58 min)


Freakonomics Radio - When Willpower Isn’t Enough (33 min)


RadioLab - Choice (57 min)


Slate Money - The New Year’s Resolution Edition (45 min)

Total run time: 4.5 hours